I’m not a drug pusher.

No, you’re my friend! My friend, in spite of the fact that my boyfriend got stuck on the other side, because you decided to stop the spell that could bring him back. My friend that owes me.

No! A friend who cares about you, and thinks you’re living in denial!

                                                   You wanted love?
                                                 That’s what you get…

                                                                                                    for ragtagrebel
                                            so fasten up your seat belt
                                              it’s gon’ be a bumpy ride

                                                                             for killerqueenpetrova



Lydia Martin and the Year of International Co-Operation

Being named Hogwarts Champion isn’t a surprise. The Beauxbatons’ Champion… sort of is.

Or: The one where Lydia and Isaac turned “international magical co-operation” into an excuse to fuck all over Hogwarts and somehow caught feelings.

For isaacled / From laheyes.

Made for round two of the twrarepairexchange.